Language Technologies That Matter

Our mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding through education and language technologies.

Octanove Labs is an independent, for-profit AI research lab, working on language education and natural language processing (NLP). We also provide research, development, and consulting services for NLP and related ML technologies.

Octanove Labs is owned and run by Masato Hagiwara, an independent AI engineer and researcher. See the personal website for more info.


Our Expertise

Natural Language Processing

We research and develop natural language processing software for Asian languages and education.

Asian Languages

We specialize in linguistic analysis, translation, and educational systems for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian languages.

Machine Learning

We also provide research, development, and consulting services for machine learning and artificial intelligence.


We focus on NLP and ML technologies for education, including: language learning, writing and proofreading, and automated essay scoring.


Current & Past Clients

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
EduLab, Inc.
Studio Ousia

Our projects

Open Language Profiles

Platform for sharing open linguistic resources for language education

AllenNLP Course

Content for the free AllenNLP Course

Ultra Fine-Grained NER

Ultra fine-grained named entity recognition (NER) system ranted #2 at TAC KBP 2019


Framework and protocol for integrated writing assistance environments

Real-World NLP Book

"Real-World Natural Language Processing", an NLP introductory book from Manning Publications

Github Typo Corpus

Large-scale multilingual dataset of misspellings and grammatical errors

State of AI Guides (JA)

A weekly blog/newsletter covering state-of-the-art AI/ML topics

The name "Octanove" comes from the Unicode code point U+8A9E for "語" — a Chinese character meaning "language." "Oct" is a prefix for 8 and "Nov" is a prefix for 9, which makes "Oct+a+nov+e." The logo is the combination of the character 語 and the eighth hexagram.

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We are available for contract work. If you are interested in discussing how we can help with your NLP/ML projects, let us know!

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