Welcome & Introduce

Hi! My name is Masato Hagiwara!

I am the owner & NLP/ML engineer of Octanove Labs. My background is Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, with a focus on language learning and Asian language processing.

Formerly, I was a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Duolingo. I also worked as an engineer/researcher at Baidu, Microsoft Research, and Google.

I love language and technologies, and help people connect the two. For more info about me, see my personal website.

The name "Octanove" comes from the Unicode code point U+8A9E for "語" — a Chinese character meaning "language." "Oct" is a prefix for 8 and "Nov" is a prefix for 9, which makes "Oct+a+nov+e." The logo is the combination of the character 語 and the eighth hexagram.

Get in Touch!

I'm available for contract work. If you are interested in discussing how I can help with your NLP/ML projects, let me know!

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